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At the Writers Room, NYC

At the Writers Room, NYC


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Freelance manuscript polishing for independent authors, researchers, students, and nonprofits. Meticulous content and copy editing services, proofreading, and writing — specializing in fiction and memoir submissions, research papers, reports, promotional materials, newsletters, and web content.


Writing can feel like a lonely occupation, but the act of writing is generous. Authors share their work, and the words they’ve written must stand on their own for an unknown reader to accept, reject, or question.

Barbara edits respectfully and reads attentively, providing encouragement along the way. She aims to understand and advance the author’s intention, not suggest wholesale change. Conscientious editors strive to recognize, preserve, and strengthen each writer’s voice. At the same time, they should anticipate how prospective readers might perceive what’s on the page. If you are looking for an editor, please explore what’s on this site and consider working with Barbara.

Prior Experience

Project editing and coordination at the Population Council, NYC.
Copy and content editing, proofreading research papers, books, donor and technical reports, proposals, presentations, and protocols. Manuscript submissions for conferences, peer-reviewed journals, and book publishers, ensuring conformance with journal or publisher style; shepherding manuscripts through revision and resubmission; page proof review and final author approval.

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