Published Research Papers & Technical Reports


In support of Population Council researchers and their collaborators, Barbara’s role on research papers included content and copy editing manuscripts, creating and linking EndNote references in preferred journal style, submitting to journals, editing and resubmitting revisions, responding to journal queries, and handling page proofs. As of 2008, for papers that acknowledged NIH funding, she ensured compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy and uploaded accepted manuscripts to PubMed Central.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


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selected Technical Reports

1.       Austrian, Karen, Paul C. Hewett, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, Fiammetta Bozzani, Jere R. Behrman, and Jean Digitale. 2016. Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme: Research and Evaluation Mid-Term Technical Report. Lusaka, Zambia: Population Council.  

2.       Hewett, Paul C., Mutinta Nalubamba, Fiammetta Bozzanni, Mardieh Dennis, Jean Digitale, Lung Vu, Eileen Yam, and Mary Nambao. 2015. REacH: Randomized Evaluation of HIV/FP Service Models Final Study Report. New York: Population Council.

3. Sathar, Zeba, Cynthia B. Lloyd, Minhaj ul Haque, Mumraiz Khan, and Monica J. Grant. 2006. Fewer and Better-Educated Children: Expanded Choices in Schooling and Fertility in Rural Pakistan. Islamabad: Population Council.