Satisfied Clients

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If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well
— Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Independent Authors

Jennifer Belle

Best-selling author of Going Down, Little Stalker, High Maintenance, and The Seven Year Bitch

I conduct professional writing workshops that help gifted authors develop compelling novels and memoirs. When they’re ready to submit manuscripts to an agent or publisher, I refer them to Barbara for careful review and polishing. She is a skillful editor with a keen ear for dialogue, who helps refine the text while respecting the author’s voice. She is considerate of the people she works with, understands the creative process, and always brings out the best in their writing. She is kind, sensitive, lovely to work with, and a brilliant writer herself.

Nicola Harrison

FICTION. Novelist and Founder of Harrison Style

Barbara edited my manuscript, Montauk, prior to my submitting to agents and publishers. Her careful eye, grammatical prowess, and insight on plot points and character were invaluable. It helps, I think, that Barbara is a writer herself, and I trusted her implicitly with my work. Following Barbara’s edits, my manuscript was represented by a top New York agent and bought by St. Martin’s Press for publication in June 2019. I felt confident after we worked together that I was sending out the best version of my manuscript, and I am grateful for her professionalism and her dedication to my work.

Barbara Gaines

MEMOIR. Former Executive Producer, The David Letterman Show

Barbara Miller took an early, messy version of my memoir and gently asked questions that helped me make it more coherent. She created a style sheet that documented which characters appear in what parts of the book, and showed me where a character popped in out of nowhere. She transformed my whole manuscript into better English, and gave me many notes on the places where I wasn’t making myself clear. She was a delight to work with and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

Paul C. Hewett, PhD

Senior Associate, Population Council

Barbara’s contributions to journal manuscripts and study reports are significant. She does an excellent job in both content and copy editing documents and finds problems that need to be fixed that have been overlooked by the authors. It is an enormous benefit to know that she is the last reviewer to sign off on a document.

Barbara S. Mensch, PHD

Senior Associate, Population Council

Barbara is a phenomenal editor. She not only improves wording, she catches errors in reasoning and sloppiness in interpretation, and is proactive with regard to deadlines. She is extraordinarily careful and makes numerous substantive contributions that enhance papers and proposals.

Reports, Web Content, Business Writing, and Résumés

Robert V. Wolf

Director of Communications, Center for Court Innovation

Barbara Miller is everything a copy editor should be: organized, detail oriented, smart, a quick study, not afraid to ask questions, and unfailingly gentle when she provides feedback. We hired her to copy edit a long and complex research report, and she not only corrected grammar, misspellings, and style errors, but offered helpful suggestions that improved clarity and made the report easier to understand and more succinct. And she did all this under a very tight deadline. I will definitely hire her again!

Sally Dunn

Managing Director, T. Schreiber Studio

Barbara Miller has provided excellent edits for our website course descriptions, making them more concise and reader friendly. She spotted which text to trim and made the wording more succinct, meanwhile retaining key points and giving new emphasis to what mattered most. She is respectful, fun to work with, and always takes time to listen. Barbara has also written meaningful content for our brochures and other announcements.

Lynda Mezansky, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian, Healthy Eating at Home and On the Go

Barbara helped edit my website. She is so easy to work with. She really listens and will provide just what you’re looking for. Her recommendations are also easy to follow and understand because the corrections are laid out in a very logical format, allowing for easy editing and revisions. I enjoyed the entire experience and felt confident about the results.

Kathleen S. McHugh

President and CEO, East End Resources, Inc.

Barbara and I worked together for many years, during which she drafted or edited dozens of résumés for high-level consultants who were seeking positions in the software industry, a highly competitive market. She is considerate and careful, and always willing to collaborate with people on assignments. She also handled revisions for legal agreements with individual contractors. I highly recommend her!

Jean Digitale, MPH, RN

PhD Student, University of California-San Francisco

Barbara proofread my résumé and research summaries for my graduate school application, and her careful attention to detail greatly improved both documents without putting words in my mouth. She is thorough in catching grammar mistakes. Her notes pointing out areas where I might want to word things more clearly or concisely helped me streamline my writing. She is communicative and timely, and it was a true pleasure to work with her.